5 Ideas for Great Vintage Social Media Updates

tips for vintage social media

When you are running a vintage and antiques business, getting your merchandise online is critical and the bulk of your day. You are probably pressed for ideas on what to put on your social media outlets other than links to your new inventory. As tempting as it is to use social media as another marketplace, your message might be ignored very quickly if you don’t shake things up and offer something engaging.

But who has time to think of new content? Don’t think of your social media as one more thing you have to whip up content for. Here are some easy ways you can engage potential customers, elevate your brand and bring in new visitors without taking up precious hours of your day.

1. Post a teaser

A little peek of skin is way more exciting than seeing the whole thing. Tease your visitors with pictures of details of upcoming items for sale: beading, labels, intricate details. A pile of dresses, gobs of jewelry, or a macro shot of an oil painting will pique the interest of potential buyers and leave them wanting more.

2. Share behind the scenes images

Samuel Adams created a beautiful and memorable campaign when their TV commercials consisted of a look at how Samuel Adams is brewed. The point was to show the craftsmanship of their beer but also to welcome beer lovers to the world of Samual Adams, like an invitation to tour their home. Welcome your potential customers to your wonderful, bursting at the seams, behind the scenes world. Adored Vintage and Salvage Life do an excellent job of welcoming people into  their vintage shops as they are still being stocked and not even open to the public.

3. Share one tip

If you want to gain loyalty and raving fans, teach them something. Laundering tips for vintage, recognizing fakes, even how to create a stylish look for their home or for a date with vintage are just a few ideas. Customers feel like they are getting a bonus when their favorite dealers are willing to share insider knowledge. High end furniture designers, jewelry stores and interior design brands teach all the time. Take a tip from them and share some useful tidbits to gain customers.

4. Tell Your Story

Ghurka is a fine leather company. When they sent me a link to the video of their story, I was blown away. The people who work there truly love their jobs and it gave me the feeling that this fine leather manufacturer was more than just a good luggage – they shared the same values I did. People want to buy from humans. They want to feel good about what they buy. Don’t be afraid to show people you are a small operation. Everyone knows you are! The jig is up. What they want to know is that they are buying from good people. Your story is just as much a part of your brand as your merchandise. Share personal bits of news. I like to share items I find for myself.

5. Talk About Something (or someone) Else

I recently read an interview on Dailyworth.com about a yarn shop owner who is making a killing and growing like crazy. One of the insight I got from this article was that the owners advertise in magazines that have nothing to do with knitting. The strategy is that they will stand out more in a non-knitting magazine. Your customers are have passions outside of collecting or wearing vintage. Are they also artists? College students? Do they garden? Talk about complimentary topics or feature complimentary individuals. Maybe you can highlight an Etsy seller who makes collages out of vintage advertisements. Or perhaps you want to feature local businesses near your brick and mortar store. Extend your world of vintage and antiques and you can expand your audience!

What has worked for your vintage business in social media? Share in the comments!

image source: Ebay.com