Why You Are Wasting Time On Social Media


I know it’s strange for me to say you are wasting time on social media. But you truly are wasting time if you are spreading yourself thin on every bell and whistle out there. If you are diligently plugging away on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin‘, and you are blogging on top of that – you must have more time in a day than physically possible. Give me your secret!

The truth is that social media is a must if you are selling online. Online marketing is a non-negotiable. But is your strategy to throw all social media outlets at the wall and see which one sticks? I have some counter-intuitive advice for you. Don’t use them all!

You are in a niche market. You can’t be everything to everyone. So stop trying. Stick to the tools that work. The outlets that help you attract customers – paying or potential -and help you convert to sales.


Look at your analytics. Find which social media sites are bringing you the most traffic. I want you to focus on using that site and that site only for 2 weeks. Don’t change what you are doing on that site, or how you are using it, just keep doing what you have been doing, but spend all of your social media time on that one site only.

I’ll tell you that I was surprised to see that Pinterest was the best traffic source for me. Especially since I didn’t use it as much as Facebook. I am now focusing more attention on Pinterest because people seem to like me there. Who am I to argue?

Key Points

  • you can’t be everywhere
  • stick to what works for you
  • meet your customers where they are
  • dedicate your time and focus to one site

Let me hear your thoughts, comments or results in the comments box below! Good luck.

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