Retro Design Eye Candy

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vintage design vintage font

Sometimes I fall into an internet rabbit hole. Such as this morning. I went from reading about the latest SumoMe plugin (which you should really check out if you want easy call to action tools) to drooling over the retro fonts and designs of Retro Supply and Hoodzpah Design Co. Wherever my vintage aesthetic functions in my brain exploded today.

The problem I often see is that retro design, print or web, is usually very kitschy and played out. Rarely do I find designers that have a unique perspective and sophisticated aesthetic that still rings true to decades past, especially mid century styles. I mean really – how many more atomic/rockabilly/50s diner crap can we withstand? As I’m looking to get more mobile friendly so that Google doesn’t disown me and give the logo a little Botox, I’m definitely looking at these two companies.

Feast your eyes on these artists! Send them some love.

vintage design vintage font

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