January Social Media Content Calendar

It’s now 2015! You’ve probably set some fantastic goals for your vintage business – is social media and content marketing one of them? I hope so!

I know – you are short on time but your social media needs to get published. You’re a smart business owner and know that content is king if you want to make sales online. But you just don’t have the time to think of clever things to write about!

This calendar will take all the stress and worry out of planning you are going to put on your Pinterest, or Blog, or Instagram account.

Every day of the work week you will have a brand new idea related specifically to vintage businesses for your social media outlets. No more guessing or staring at a blank screen, scrambling for something creative, engaging or worth your readers’ time.

Social media should never be just a running ad for your merchandise. Social media is a perfect opportunity for you to build your brand, engage your customers, attract new customers. And this is what most dealers don’t understand. But you do! 

Here’s what you will get:

  • Daily ideas for posts on Instagram, Twitter, your Blog, and Pinterest
  • Scheduled days to promote your social media platforms to get more followers
  • Scheduled days to promote your merchandise and on going sales promotions
  • A customizable Excel spreadsheet to tailor your content calendar

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Get organized with your content for just

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